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   Litters Planned for 2006 - 2007

The litters featured below represent some of the best Old World Czech working lines available in this country today. These are the type of combinations you will even find hard to find back in Czech.

       Upcoming March Breeding in New England

Sire:   Cody z Federatov "Bacco"
     Titles: BH, AD, CD, CGC,
                 FEMA Disaster Search Dog Level I
     Health Test Information:
                  Hips/OFA Good (GS-64206G24M-PI)
                  Elbows/OFA Normal (GS-EL13866M24-PI)

Dam:  Egy Aites Bohemia "Egy"
     Health Test Information:
                 Hips/Elbows xrays on website

          Line breeding:
              4-5 Titus z Pohranicni Straze
              5-5 Bojar z Pohranicni Straze
              5-5 Gomo v. Schieferschloss



Over the years, many people have watched my Czech-bred German Shepherd Dog, Bacco, work and many have indicated an interest in purchasing a puppy sired by Bacco.

Bacco is a grandson of Titus z Pohranicni Straze, one of the greatest Czechoslovakian Border Patrol studs of all time. In October 2005, Bacco aced his FEMA Advanced Level 1 Disaster Readiness Search Test held in Indiana and he remains in training today. Balanced in his drives, nothing threatens Bacco and he loves going to new places and meeting new people. Bacco is a kind dog, calm around the house and is biddable to the whispered command. Nonetheless, Bacco is immediately ready to work when asked and has proven himself absolutely fearless and resilient throughout his training -- and those that have played with Bacco know that he is extremely toy-motivated (tugs and balls)! Most importantly for a rubble search dog, Bacco is environmentally insensitive and no rubble pile yet has stopped or worried Bacco -- he assertively problem-solves when confronted with barrier-type problems and follows scent deep into the rubble when necessary with cat-like agility. Although he has no natural suspicion, almost every law enforcement officer who met Bacco would have liked to have used him as their patrol dog because Bacco, with his innate courage and nerve strength, could always have been relied upon to boldly enter dark, abandoned buildings and, with proper training, to never back down. In short, Bacco has great heart and, with his intense drives, high intelligence, supreme confidence and tremendous work ethic, Bacco has been a pleasure to train.

The dam of this litter is Egy Aites Bohemia, who is a beautiful bitch and whose bloodlines go back to Grim z Pohranicni Straze (multi-time WUSV), Norbo Ben-Ju (2000 International Stud Show winner, multi time WUSV, multi time FCI Worlds), Chuna Policia (Titus z Pohranicni Straze daughter), Car z Kostolianskej Cesty (leading Slovak stud of WUSV participants), Gola od Policie (Gent od Policie littermate), Omar z Blatenskeho Zamku, and Gero z Blatenskeho Zamku (multi time Czech nationals participant). Both of Egy's parents, Chayma z Pohranicni Straze and Xac z Pohranicni Straze are from the Czech Border Patrol kennel, Pohranicni Straze. Egy herself is an outstanding young female. Al Govednik owns Hex, Egy's full brother from a repeat breeding of Chayma and Xac. Hex has his SchH3 as well as RH1. Hrom, Hex's littermate is a working police K9 and Hokie is a working security K9. Egy's litter sisters, Era and Elizabet, are breed surveyed and titled. Elizabet, was titled ZVV1 and breed surveyed by the time she was 18 months. Egy has nice deep grips, drive that keeps her going all day, an undying love for tracking, a fabulous temperament with both family and strangers, yet, as her pedigree suggests, enough seriousness to make her a formidable opponent.

Photographs of Bacco and Egy, as well as their respective pedigrees, can be seen by clicking on the following URL:

Additional photos and information are available upon request.

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